Below are some comments from the lovely and gifted

people with whom I have had the great pleasure to teach.

The light in you brings out the light in me.



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I attended my first Yoga class with Paddy about 9 months ago as a total beginner and was a little apprehensive of what to expect and even if Yoga was for me.  That didn't last long because after my first class with Paddy I was hooked!  She made it so easy to understand the poses and benefits of each pose as well as the overall ethos of Yoga.  

Paddy's classes are excellent exercise for the body, mind and spirit, I always leave feeling uplifted....oh yes and we do allot of laughing too!

Thank you Paddy! 




Last week I attended a wonderful day of Yoga and Mindfulness.

It was enlightening, stimulating, relaxing & fun.

Paddy is an exceptionally gifted teacher & I would urge anyone of any age to book for the next one.

Maggie Hunt ( age 86)

 I thoroughly enjoyed this relaxing day.

 The group was very friendly and welcoming thanks to Paddy making everyone feel at ease. 

 The venue, surroundings  and lovely lunch just added to the day.


 I didn't know what to expect on your mindfulness day, but from the lovely welcome from you and meeting all the other women I felt relaxed at once.

 I would have never have believed that in one day I could feel so relaxed and at peace. I have also taken that away with me and still practise the  breathing and relaxation exercises  given by you and regularly play the cd gift.

 Sharing a magnificent lunch together and then more relaxation.

 Well all I can say is I cannot wait till the next date.

 Barbara Wood from France


 I had never tried Yoga before I went along to the Yoga Mindfulness day run by Paddy Bellis in June of this year so  I did not quite know what to expect.  

 The day for me was truly amazing I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and although I had never tried Yoga before the way in which Paddy taught  embraced  everyone there  from beginners like myself to the much more experienced.

 Paddy  demonstrated every move explaining fully the benefits to mind and body and her expertise and teaching skills left no one feeling incapable of  joining  in as the age  differences in the group spread right across the decades!

 It was a lovely day for me to learn something completely new and to take away with me the knowledge and benefits Yoga can bring to mind and body! I  am  now looking  to have yoga in my life on a more regular basis thanks to Paddy and her wonderful Yoga Mindfulness day!


 I wish I could get to more classes than I've managed so far.  Have loved learning yoga with you.  A great atmosphere without  compromising the actual  classes.  I would highly recommend your yoga classes.


 I really enjoy your classes and much appreciate the detail and explanations.


I initially went to yoga to improve a lot of stiffness in my upper body, especially my neck. I have been really pleased with the results of yoga. It not only improved my stiffness and mobility in my neck but also it was great for the mind to. It gives you lots of positive feelings for the day ahead

I would highly recommend yoga and Paddy is a fantastic teacher and always makes it an enjoyable class. 


 I would like to say that I had been thinking about yoga for a long time and never got round to it.  I am so glad I did  now, it makes me feel alive again both  physically  and mentally.

 It calms me down and at the end of a session I feel both relaxed and energised. .. If that is possible!!"


 A truly wonderful day.  Great balance of yoga and mindfulness in a lovely setting with delicious food!

 Left feeling at peace with the world and myself.

 Thanks Paddy, see you for the next one.


 I found the Yoga and Mindfulness day of great value. I enjoyed it very much, and was left feeling more optimistic and positive about my self, and my life.

 It was a lovely tranquil day with an appropriate level of intensity.


 I started yoga with Paddy last year, like lots of us I always wanted to try yoga and honestly can say it was one of the best things I did.

 I also attended the mindfulness day which was an excellent experience. The teaching and patience Paddy shows is great, I feel I have achieved so much in so  many ways. It was just the change of direction I needed at the time. All I can say is just give it a try and thank you Paddy xx 


 Love yoga...miss it if I miss it...I creak and ache if I much stronger and more supple Paddy...great teacher.


 Wasn't sure what to expect but the mindfulness and kirthan afternoon was enlightening and relaxing.  Who knew that little changes   in the way we relate to life can have such a positive effect on our state of mind.  Mrs Plant

 Paddy, you make the classes such fun as we TRY to learn the yoga poses . Feel much better for all the effort YOU put in to make  us look good!!!  Sue W.

An absolute beginner 9 months ago – Yoga has now become part of my daily routine thanks to you Paddy and your great method of teaching.


Being 50+ and noticing my body was not quite as flexible as when I was younger – I thought I would give Yoga a try.

40 minutes most mornings before breakfast sets me up for the day.

In just a matter of weeks I noticed the difference both in body and soul.

I find using a Yoga DVD at home helpful but not enough on its own – combining this with your classes ensures an explanation and demonstration of every move in depth.


Thank you Paddy for ‘awakening my body and mind to new experiences’.

Long may this continue.


Yoga and mindfulness was a brilliant day. It was a day of complete relaxation and time to rest the mind of all the normal busy things we would be doing. It was a good mix of things through the day but what amazed me was how I managed to actually close my mind off and just let myself be in that moment, an amazing feeling. 


It was lovely meeting other people and hearing them chat about how yoga and mindfulness has helped them.


The lunch was all home cooked and absolutely scrumptious. 


I would highly recommend Paddy as a teacher, she has an amazing positive outlook and always makes you feel at ease.