Happiness is an inside job

Retreating within can sometimes give us the edge on the outside world.

Yoga retreats are big business these days, people travel all over the globe to find tranquil places in which to engage with their yoga practice and find ‘space from within’ to meditate. I have been on many yoga retreats and whether they have been in this country or abroad I always take away something new about myself that I didn’t know before.

Why do I go on retreats? Sometimes it’s about being with ‘like minded’ people, other times it’s about giving myself permission to have some unadulterated ‘me time’ sometimes it’s just soaking up the tranquil atmosphere of my surroundings, but always, it is about the journey of self-development.

In December I drove to the south coast of England to see the New Year in from the perspective of a yoga retreat. As 2015 approached I found myself sitting in a candle lit yurt beside a log burner with a hot cup of warming herbal tea, surrounded by people from all walks of life enjoying the tranquillity of our surroundings and the spirit of wellbeing.

Each time I go to a retreat I am amazed at the plethora of people I have the very good fortune to meet. I have been on my yoga mat beside lawyers, artists, writers, producers, directors, opera singers, counsellors, teachers, secretaries, builders, plumbers, advertising agents; you name it, they’re all there! And that’s the wonderful thing about yoga; it has no boundaries, no limits. The only limits we have are often in our own minds, created as blockages to stop our self-expansion in this great and limitless world.

Learning about ourselves is ongoing, as the years change and the seasons change so we learn a little more. If we allow ourselves to fall a little deeper into ourselves we can often find unexplored caverns we didn’t even know existed.

Yoga and meditation can encourage the body and mind to open up; to reinvigorate, energise, nourish, cleanse and rebalance.

If you've never been on a retreat...go on, treat yourself....you never know who you might meet and what journey you might begin.


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