Yoga begins in the mind, extends to the body and is embraced by the spirit.
Chair Yoga    Seated Yoga Poses and Mindfulness



 Ω Enhances strength and flexibility

 Ω Encourages clear thinking

 Ω Shapes and rebalances the busy mind


Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is a type of therapy that uses yoga postures, breath work, meditation and guided visualisation to improve health and well being.

It is holistic and encourages the integration of mind, body and spirit.

We enjoyed two hours of guided mindfulness practice followed by a sandwich and cake lunch and raised £150 for St Helena Hospice.  15 August 2017


Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who attended. 

Supporting St Helena Hospice

108 Sun Salutes to raise money for St Helena Hospice

Summer Solstice evening Wednesday 21st June 2017

19 wonderful yogis took part to raise £1022 for St Helena Hospice.  Well done everybody!

Sahara Trek to raise funds for St Helena Hospice  February 2018
Trekking in the Sahara and a little yoga in the dunes.


Practicing mindful yoga helps to still the busy mind and create a space within to just simply be present in the moment, to be aware, to let go of what has been and what will be, even if only for a while.

Mindful yoga practice encourages clear thinking, helps to relieve stress and worry and provides a space in which to experience the present moment in time without pre-judgement.

Mindfulness can be practiced by everyone.

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Enjoy a walk in the countryside and connect with nature.